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273-0031 千葉県船橋市西船3-7-6
株式会社 アイ エムシーブック
  Tel/Fax:: 047-434-1592
Eメール: kunikoi @ attglobal.net

Then and Now
Though dating back to the founding in 1959, the split of the old IMC into two completely separate companies with different owners began April 1, 2009 and was largely completed on May 31, 2009. Most of the old address and contact information has changed.
If you have any trouble with the old contact information and do not know the new address info, please contact us at KK IMCBOOK. We handle the former book business plus Japan-periodicals and ebooks. And, we can assist in making contacts for magazines that are imported, but that work is mainly handled by JLJ now.

The old PO Box addresses are no longer used by us.
Book PUBLISHERS & AUTHORS - Send New Book information by spreadsheet or delimited text file by email to imcbook@imcbook.net. Include digital copy of book's front cover. Start the Email Subject line with the word [BOOK] or your email may be automatically deleted.
Paper catalogs may be mailed to:
  Warren Ball, Editor, 5-5-13 Matsushiro, Tsukubashi, Ibarakiken 305-0035, Japan
Our websites (mostly English) are imcbook.net and jpgsonline.com
and (mostly Japanese) asahi-net.or.jp/~tc9w-ball.
A related but very different website is ballstonbeach.us

When founded, IMC planned to be a general trading company. In 1959 Japan was just emerging from the devastation of World War II and the aftermath of the Korean War. Japan was hungry for business, management and technical books and magazines. IMC found its niche representing foreign publishers. Eventually IMC began to distribute to local booksellers and local distributors, to work with Japanese publishers, and to do many other tasks relating to the promotion and distribution of publications. The emphasis is on information rather than entertainment or elementary education. Today we also promote Japanese authors who write in English and experienced expats living and working in and with Japan.
Working with expats and with Japanese who create in English is fun, generally undervalued by the mainstream bookstore and distribution trade, but we think very important.

The business of INFORMATION is currently undergoing a tsunami of change. Old companies are shrinking and losing relevance. Old ways are suddenly too old to even remember or they are brought back with well scrubbed TV and video. Thus it has always been. We must constantly try to go with the changes.

The original IMC ”インターコンチネンタルマーケッテイング株式会社” was established in 1959 in Tokyo by Warren Ball along with a group of Japanese and Americans. From April 1, 2009 the business was split into two companies with different owners. and staff. "kk imcbook" was established then by Kuniko Ito with Warren Ball as advisor to do "book sales" while much of the magazine/journal import business was continued under the old name. That business was then moved to Saitama by Tetsuro Fujimoto, who had managed the imported journal department, until his untimely death early in 2010. His business is now  continued by JLJ Inc. in Ikebukuro.. JLJ = Japan Lumber Journal..
The new "kk imcbook", headed by Kuniko Ito, focuses on (a) internet information, (b) expat/Japan books, (c) books from the USA (fashion, finance, petroleum, photography, travel, (d) export of books and journals from/for Japan and Asia.
"KK" roughly translated:
= kabushiki kaisha = stock issuing company = company limited = corporation. It is often abbreviated as KK. The KK may be located either before or after the proper name.

If you have trouble contacting us, please send a brief letter to:
Webmaster, 5-5-13 Matsushiro, Tsukuba Ibaraki, 305-0035 Japan
Be sure to tell us your postal mailing address as well as email address or we may not reply.
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